Il Villaggio Osteria at the Hartley Pavilion

Grand Teton Music Festival concert-go-ers can expect more than musical delights while attending shows at Walk Festival Hall. Starting earlier this summer, Il Villaggio Osteria expanded to lead food and beverage services for Grand Teton Music Festival concerts.

Operating prior to and during each show, Il Villaggio Osteria at the Hartley Pavilion now provides guests with snacks and beverages to enjoy throughout their concert experience, all paired with the service guests enjoy from our Teton Village eatery. Starting an hour before each show, Grand Teton Music Festival guests are invited to sip libations and nibble on light snacks in the Hartley Pavilion to start the evening. As the concert begins, guests are encouraged to bring their beverages in Walk Festival Hall to savor as they take in the sites and sounds of the Grand Teton Music Festival. The offering continues until right after intermission, contributing to a complete delight for the senses.

In addition to bringing refreshments and snacks to the Grand Teton Music Festival's concert series, Fine Dining Restaurant Group is proud to support the organization through sponsorship of their annual Jackson Hole Wine Auction - a premier culinary experience and fundraiser.

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