Fine Dining Restaurant Group

Il Villaggio Osteria is a proud member of Gavin Fine and Roger Freedman’s Fine Dining Restaurant Group in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A group dedicated to bringing the finest culinary experiences to the area, Fine Dining Restaurant Group began after the creation of Rendezvous Bistro in 2001. Many years and several restaurant additions later, the company is still run by Fine and Freedman. In addition to Osteria, Fine Dining Restaurant Group includes restaurants and businesses The Kitchen, Bin22, Bar Enoteca, The Bistro, Bodega, Bistro Catering, Cream + Sugar ice cream and Bovine + Swine craft meats.

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The Bistro Il Villaggio Osteria The Kitchen Bin22 Bistro Catering Bodega Bovine + Swine Cream + Sugar Roadhouse Pub and Eatery

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